Exciting news! “The Science of Riding with Feel: Horse Biomechanics and You”, a major book with a free companion workbook and online extras, by Dawn Adams, Ph.D. and Jo Belasco, Esq., is in final preparation for 2015 publication! Check out the book website that shows you what’s in the book and provides samples of the materials — including ones like the short video above — that will be made available free of charge to the horse community as part of the project.

Understanding the Biomechanics of horses and riding changes the way you look at horses, your own body, and riding itself in powerfully positive  ways. You can learn these fundamental principles of biomechanics right here in the Colorado Front Range, through seminars, applied training sessions in clinic or private settings, and our blog.

In Dr. Dawn Adams’ 60-minute Horse Biomechanics Seminar for Equestrians, for ages 16 and over, you learn:

  • What different disciplines mean, anatomically, by the word “collection” and how the types of collection compare;
  • Why and how something as simple as changing the shape of a hoof can give a horse a sore back;
  • How to help protect your horse from injury and keep it sound;
  • How to ride in a way that helps your horse remain well-balanced and comfortable.

The 60-minute “The Science of Riding with Feel:¬† Horse Biomechanics and You” is also available as part of a Biomechanics Clinic in which participants are able to apply what they’ve learned to their own riding. Under the guidance of Understanding the Horse’s unique team of Dawn Adams in biomechanics and Jo Belasco in training and instruction, riders learn the most important things they can do on horseback and on the ground to help their horses move better, perform more willingly, and avoid injury.

We also offer a personalized Biomechanics Assessment that applies the principles of biomechanics to individual horses and riders.  This program is an individualized version of the Biomechanics Clinic.

Instructor Dawn Adams, Ph.D. is a professional biomechanics researcher, lifelong horsewoman, and award-winning teacher with over 30 years of education experience. Horse professionals and backyard riders alike are enthusiastic about the seminar’s immediate applicability to their riding, the power of the information they learn, and the fun and stimulating way it’s presented.

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Start learning for yourself the fundamental principles of horse biomechanics that make everything else you do in riding make sense.

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