These testimonials about Dr. Dawn Adams’ Horse Biomechanics Seminar are from a range of horse owners and riders, including novices, owners, competitors, veterinarians, and people with degrees in Equine Science.

“As a riding teacher, trainer and student of ‘the horse’ I’ve searched high and low to understand how to make the horses job easier for them and applicable for my students. Various training methods suggest ‘putting the horses’ head low’, while other say to bring it up. Some suggest to flex the neck left and right and yet others tell you to just ride the horse ‘forward and straight’. How is a teacher or student to know what is really the right answer?  Dawn’s biomechanics seminar dispels the mystery behind how the horse moves and where a rider must focus in order to fix problems. With this kind of knowledge available, I believe that riders can help to promote their horses physical longevity and soundness. Regardless of the type of saddle you prefer or training method you’ve used in the past, once you hear what Dawn has to say you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the value of understanding biomechanics. If you have a desire to promote your horses’ physical and mental well-being, than I strongly recommend you attend Dawn’s seminars.” — Dawn Fisher, professional dressage trainer

“Being a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University made me think that I was pretty knowledgable when it came to horses. After taking this seminar I learned that there was a lot I didn’t know and a lot that I should have known. The material presented shed a whole new light on the exercises I am working on with my horse. It all makes sense now. I was so pleased with what I learned.” — Jessica T., horse lover for 30+ years

“I had the pleasure of attending Dawn’s Biomechanics clinic a few weeks ago, and have to say that I haven’t looked at my horse the same way since. Even with my years of training, Dawn presented ideas and explanations about how the horse’s body interacts with itself that I hadn’t really considered. It certainly has given me a new perspective on my riding, and how my body can either help or hinder the relationship I am striving to develop with this amazing creature.” — Gail R., small animal vet, adult rider, horse owner

“I attended the Biomechanics Horse Seminar. This seminar was very informative and I was surprised about how much I enjoyed it. At first I was skeptical, because I am an action learner, and was concerned that I would not benefit as much since this seminar was without my horse. The information that Dawn presented was extremely beneficial and helped me understand how what I do while sitting on my horse affects him. As well as what is all connected during his movement. We went through pictures and diagrams that fit right in with my ‘visual’ learning. I highly recommend this seminar for learning about your horse, and how you can help in their movement.” — Jane W., Owner of Morgan horses and show mom

“Fantastic! I was thoroughly impressed with Dr. Dawn’s expertise in biomechanics. The understanding of the horse’s mechanics of movement made so many aspects of riding make so much more sense. This understanding is a MUST to prevent us riders from fighting with our horses to try to make them do the impossible. Instead, with a little understanding, we can make what may seem impossible, possible.” — Jacob S., rider

“The concepts covered in the biomechanics seminar introduced a whole new perspective on how I look at and work with my horse. It has given me a new awareness of the importance and the nature of balance in every move. After this seminar I made some simple changes to the way I was riding my horse and I noticed a positive difference. I look forward to additional seminars to further explore this topic!” — Tiffany R., Horse owner/rider for 6 years

“I have been actively riding and working with horses for 8 years. Dawn’s Biomechanics seminar explained so much, including what the affects of gravity are on the horse, how the horse deals with it, and the reason behind several training exercises. They also dealt with the subject of how we can help the horse move as it was designed to, even with a rider on its back. I have never heard anybody discuss any of these subjects in great detail, so the seminar was also a breath of fresh air. Dawn’s Biomechanics seminar is a must for any person who truly wants to learn how a horse moves properly and be able to apply that to training so both horse and rider will have the best rides of their life.”
— Darcie N., Horse Owner

“I would highly recommend this biomechanics clinic to every horse owner and every horse lover who really wants to understand more about the horse, the way they move and how best we as riders can communicate with them and stay out of their way for the best quality movement.” — Beth T., Rider

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