Ride Without Fear

Jo and Clinic Particpant

“Jo, you have such an amazing clinic. After working with you for just minutes, I was amazed and thrilled at how you showed me to be in the moment with my horse and how to control my fear. I am grateful! Thank you!!” – Karen Fox, Trail Rider

For 10 years, Jo Belasco, Esq. helped riders who experienced fear in the horse-human relationship.  Whether it was being afraid of horses on the ground, in the saddle or both, Jo worked with people using proven techniques to handle fear and anxiety.  She specialized in teaching fearful riders how to use mindfulness as a tool to help understand and move through their fear so they had fun again with horses.

Jo used to teach via a joint seminar-clinic format. The one-hour seminar provided riders and auditors with psychological tools to help with fear and anxiety. She then worked with riders one-on-one for an hour during the clinic portion, helping them apply those tools.

Jo is no longer conducting in-person clinics. However, she currently has copies of her How to Ride Without Fear DVD available for purchase.