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Jo Belasco’s popular clinic and seminar is now available to everyone as a DVD  for just $29 special price of $15, plus shipping and handling!  “How to Ride Without Fear” will help you learn to ride with joy and confidence if…

  • You are afraid to ride because you’ve had an accident.
  • You are older now than when you started riding and have suddenly developed fear you’ve never had.
  • You’ve never ridden but always wanted to and now realize you have fear that’s keeping you from pursing that lifelong dream.

The tools that Jo gives riders in this video work for…

  • All ages.
  • Riders in any discipline.
  • Riders with any breed of horse.

“How to Ride Without Fear” gives you practical information and real-life examples of riders working through their fears with Jo.  Through Jo’s informational, non-judgmental and engaging teaching style, you will learn:

  • The difference between fear, generalized anxiety, and PTSD, and how to figure out which applies to your own situation.
  • How to create a toolbox of practical and proven techniques you can use to shrink your fears down to size.
  • How to use a simple but powerful method that increases calmness and confidence.
  • Practical exercises you can do in your own home and also with your own horse.

New for 2019! After you buy the DVD and watch it, you receive 15 minutes of free online coaching with Jo. You can ask her questions specific to your situation.

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Jo has a degree in psychology, with additional post-graduate training, and developed the How To Ride Without Fear program in collaboration with a research scientist who works in PTSD. Jo is also a lifelong horsewoman who trained for several years in dressage with a high-level professional eventer.  She retired from a successful career as an attorney to help people and horses and has specialized in fearful riders for nearly six years. The techniques she teaches have helped people just like you break through their barriers of fear to ride with JOY.  “How to Ride Without Fear” (running time of 66 minutes) is a perfect gift for the holiday season! Or it can be a special gift to yourself, to help you finally have the relationship with riding and horses you’ve always wanted.