Force, Stress, and the Hoof

The post that originally occupied this space is gone.  If you’re one of the small group of people who’ve started following this blog since its beginning earlier this month, you may have seen the post on force, stress, and the hoof appear, disappear, and then reappear within a span of three days as I wrestled with my goals for posting it.  It wasn’t a small matter that I put it up to begin with . . .  and it wasn’t a small matter that I finally decided to take it down.  Both things matter enough — to the goals I have for writing this blog to begin with, and to the goals many of us have for our horses — that I’m going to express my struggle and the reasons for my final decision in a new post later today or tomorrow.

And after that, then I’ll get back to hooves.  But we’ll be starting on the right foot this time.