Cheyenne, Wyoming Clinic on Horse Biomechanics

We have our first scheduled clinic for 2015.  Join Dawn and I in Cheyenne, Wyoming on Friday, June 12 for The Science of Riding with Feel:  Horse Biomechanics Clinic.  The clinic is at a private facility and will run from 9 am to 5 pm.  It begins with a one-hour seminar about horse biomechanics.  The riding portion of the clinic follows.  As of this writing, there is only ONE riding slot left available so register now to grab it!  We have plenty of auditor slots, so if you are unable to ride in the clinic, please feel free to register for one of those slots.

Stay tuned for more clinic announcements!

Fearful Rider Clinic


Join Trainer Jo Belasco, Esq. on Saturday, May 4 at at Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton, CO as she presents a Fearful Rider Clinic.  The clinic begins with a 45-minute seminar addressing different aspects of fear and what tools we can use to deal with our fear.  The clinic continues with application of these tools in a riding situation.  Each rider works with Jo for one hour and will be able to get help and instruction concerning her specific fear issues.  Auditors are welcome to attend the presentation and then to remain for the clinic to watch the rides.  The cost to ride in the clinic is $100, and the cost to audit is $35.  Registration is required for riders and auditors.  Visit the registration page today to reserve your spot!